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Cooking Unit
Water, sugar, glucose & other raw materials will be weighed in weighing tank, then they are cooked with vapor in this cooking unit. It is fully produced by CR-NI stainless steel. All tanks are suitable to the oil and steam jacket. Through touch screen, formulas can be adjusted and through PLC steam valves can be controlled automatically.

Filling Unit
Prepared products are automatically injected with desired weight to silicon moulds in this part. Depositor is jacketed, you can adjust and keep with the desired warmth. Our depositor is designed to produce double colour and and center filled products thanks to servo motors.

Sugaring and Cooling Unit
Products will be buttered up or covered to sugar particles in sugaring unit. After covering, before packaging them the products will be transferred to cooling tunnel with conveyor.

The first in the world, production of injection-molded apple slices jelly candy.

SRC Makine , Slice Jelly Candy Product Line Machines