Continue system and film baking technology with capacities ranging from 150 kg to 600 kg per hour, filling and unfilled hard candy maker SRC HCPL series.


Sweets; sugar and glucose, or only sugar cooked that after citric acid, tartaric acid or potassium bitartrate adding assuming the result of the batter of milk according to the type of product to be produced, milk powder, gelatin, are oil and the addition of substances such as flavorings and as a result shaped packaging foodstuffs.

It creates a large portion of the structure of confectionery carbohydrates. sucrose and glucose derivatives used in the production of confectionery. Saccharose, sugar beet or sugar cane refining is obtained by treating with special methods. Another important ingredient used in confectionery production, glucose is obtained by a special production technique, the starch obtained from corn. Glucose acts to crystallize the sugar, it helps in shaping more smoothly by facilitating the processing.

There are many varieties of candy confectionery industry. These types of candy are:

Hard candy • Fruit candies
• Almond butter fudge and the like
• Nougat jelly candies, nougat and so
• Dragee sweets Kozinaki
Tablet candies • Candy
Filled confectionery products

Hard candies, boiled to a high solids content glucose syrup, sucrose and mixtures thereof. Glucose syrup is one of the most important raw material used in confectionery. The reasons for this; controlling crystallization, viscosity, moisture balance, and color reproduction and sweetness (1).

2.1. Hard Candy Production

Hard candies sucrose to glucose syrup or invert sugar baking glassy high concentration caused by the high viscosity and flavor candy mass, is obtained by adding colorants and flavors. Production of simple sugars and low moisture content. To avoid the error Kistalizasyo and viscosity it should be done according to production rules.

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