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World in the first
Full Automatic
Slice Jelly Product Line

Filled , non filled and many options
Slice Jelly Product Moulds and lines...

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One colour and
Two Colour

Jelly Candy Product Line and
Automatic Mixing and Cooking System

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SRC Machine has been started to provide service in 2006 through its experience resourcing from past years, deploying professional team and its developed quality understanding. SRC Machine that has been worked professionally with its values since its first establishment date, kept the quality forefront, had the principal producing innovative resolutions through just being with its customers after sales period. Our institution that has always been worked with customer oriented continued to its studies preciously at every phase of manufacturing. Our firm always aims the quality, producing, to meet customer expectations on time and properly. Through this objective, it had principal composing a national and international firm identity with increasing the product range.